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Amazon 5 Star Book Review for The Immortal Life of Piu Piu

What Readers Said

Intriguing and Beautiful

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is a very intriguing story . . .

Poetic prose and filled with meaning.

If you like fantasy you will LOVE this book!

~ By KatieCA – 5 Star Review published on

on 23 January 2017

Welcome to the Year of the Rooster!

The Chinese New Year – also called the ‘Spring Festival’ – always happens on or around my birthday. This year, 2017, it was just one day before I decided to embark on yet another life adventure . . . many, many years ago . . . in a forgotten town between the Atlantic Ocean, the Namib Desert, and the Milky Way, called South West Africa. A place where one could listen to the Earth’s heartbeat in the wake of a jackal’s call that ripped our entrails apart, conveying the magic of  interconnectedness, of emptiness and space.

A new beginning filled with promise

If you and I were living in China, we’d enjoy a 2-week holiday sparkling with festivities and celebration; waving banners, red and gold, promising happiness and prosperity, giant dragons bestowing good luck upon us and fireworks chasing evil spirits away to ensure a fresh, new beginning where everything is possible and the barriers between MAGIC and REALITY fade.

Oh yes! The ‘Year of the Rooster’ will be an exciting one as we – all part of ONE living Consciousness squeezed into physical shape – soar higher on the wings of change! With hindsight, everything serves a higher purpose; one we chose ourselves. Accepting this with gratitude and a humble heart makes life so much easier to accept, bear and enjoy with fearlessness and grace.

What would happen if we knew the afterlife was real?

This is a central question in my visionary novel,  ”The Immortal Life of Piu Piu”.

If you ever wondered how appropriate this question really is, you may want to explore what I recently stumbled upon right HERE ON BBC .


But back to the rooster!

Have a look at the card I designed, below, and think how this might apply to YOU!

See and enlarge the card by clicking HERE.

Cat lovers know who their teachers are – not?!

Here’s wishing YOU a splendid year ahead – and remember the rooster: Always be prepared and never, never give up!



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