Book Trailers 2016

Book Trailer for "The Immortal Life of Piu Piu"

Book Trailers for Readers

What every book author needs is exposure, meaning eyeballs on their books – and this on an ongoing basis. Even the most amazing book simply doesn’t exist – at least not in the physical world – if no one knows about it, if nobody reads it. This is why an original book trailer that truly captures the essence and the soul of a story is a fabulous way for any author to convey an atmosphere, a theme, to get a message across and entice potential readers and lovers of fine books to find what they’re looking for and reach out right there and then to get the object of their desire on Amazon, Kindle, Audible or iTunes – without any delay! Still filled with the feeling . . . the emotion . . . the brief glimpse they got from that other world will continue to carry them away!

Book Trailers on YouTube

With the Internet exploding with a cacophony of ‘information’  and, within it all, the mega monolith – Amazon – spitting out new book titles every day like red hot lava from a bottomless volcano, it’s not easy to get noticed or even stand out – especially, if you’re a rather private person . . . as I know many authors and artists are in order to keep their focus and their creative flow.

Besides, one might think that – just because we are so accustomed to those dazzling, blinding and often outrageously costly movie trailers – a comparatively simple and tacit yet meaningful and authentic book trailer on YouTube is too low-key . . . too discreet . . . to be heard or seen and may never be picked up.

However, with YouTube and Google still being a relatively even playing field for all of us who compete on the digital highway – meaning that even a small video has the chance to reach Google Top 10 and be visible to those who search, it may just be that its charm and effectiveness lies exactly therein: In being different!

Does that make it stand out?

One never knows unless one tries – so here goes! If you came this far, please have a look at “The Immortal Life of Piu Piu” book trailer on YouTube and give it a thumbs-up and a friendly comment! All that drives the engine, each click counts.

You will find links and details in the description underneath the video. The novel is available in both print, paperback and on Kindle. It was just published as an Audiobook on Audible, iTunes and Audiobooks. I plan to complete Book II of the trilogy “Dance Between Worlds” in 2017.

I hold my breath at the thought that we’re almost there . . .

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