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Free eBook Promo

Free Kindle Promotion of The Immortal Life of Piu Piu

Here’s a gift to all my friends and readers: a free copy of my new magical realism novel on Amazon-Kindle! Grab the book; the promotion will be running for 3 days only. I’m so excited to be able to offer this! Who would enjoy it? I’ve addressed baby boomers specifically, but am being told by teachers and moms that they pass the book on to their teenagers, who have no problems reading it, even love it. I thought it’s rather for females as I have strong female leads – but am surprised by the positive feedback I get from men. I’m very grateful for that – THANK YOU!


If you don’t have a Kindle . . .

No problem at all! You can read the book on your iPad or download ‘Kindle for Desktop’ at no cost and just 2 clicks. You do this directly on amazon – it’s what I use as well for all the books I bought on Kindle. It’s right on your PC and very convenient. It’s like having your own library – and obviously much cheaper than buying hardcover books. Mind you, nothing beats a real book – and you can also buy my softcover book on amazon, but there I couldn’t offer it as a gift.


If you like what you read, may I ask you to take a moment and leave an honest review. You don’t see all the reviews the book received so far on Amazon yet, as Amazon has not synchronized all reviews yet, so you only see what was posted on amazon. com

However, feel free to have a look at some other Reviews for ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’.

I just discovered this on


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I LOVED how this story captured my imagination right from the start and carried me away to a place full of magic and wonder, laughter and tears, and, sometimes, breathless suspense.

I fell in love with the characters so much I didn’t want it to end! Again and again, the unexpected happened and kept sweeping me off my feet …

Witty. Poetic. Beautifully written. A special treat I’ll come back to time and again . . .


This is all new to me as I’m a so-called ‘hybrid author’ – meaning, I’ve been published traditionally but now go it all alone. I’m learning… learning… and I need your support!!!



A Magical Journey – Short Resumé

Set in a land of shifting realities – the Western Cape coast of South Africa, between Nature’s paradise and a ruthless world – and based on the heartbreaking true story of a human-animal bond, this magical journey reveals how one powerful girl with her enigmatic cat and the wild creatures who are her constant guides, join in the ultimate adventure: to unlock the mystery of life after death.

Please don’t forget to tell me what you think . . . it’s very important to me. Especially, as the next book in this series – Dance Between Worlds – is in preparation . . .