Is it 2018 yet?

Russian Blue by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Trying to beat my reading addiction . . .

2017 has gone . . . January’s almost over . . . and here I am: Lady Trinity, on top of my favourite books, the happiest of all cats! And the most relaxed!

Don’t worry, I’ve planned to be more present again once I return from my magical journey . . . IF I return, that is. The truth is that I still enjoy my very own ‘Dance Between Worlds’ after reading Born With Wings’. And as I’m of royal blood, a real Queen from Australia, it was just natural I fell in love with one of the unforgettable characters, MadMax, the wise and hilarious grand-grand-grand-grandson of the Big Cats. THE Big Cats, that is! Those who were considered to be Gods when the world was still intact . . . in the good old days along the banks of the Nile . . .


A Divine Comedy

So what is the story about? It’s been called:

“A Divine Comedy in the Spiritual Animal World – touching, hilarious, daring and beautifully written. One of the most unique stories I’ve ever read.”

If this intrigues you, and you love magical realism or metaphysical fiction, you want to get this exquisite book! Remember, you were born with wings, you just forgot how to fly . . .


“Would you be afraid if there were nothing to fear?”

You’ll never know unless you get the book! I’ll meet you there!

BORN WITH WINGS - The Immortal Life of Piu Piu