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Amazon 5 Star Book Review for The Immortal Life of Piu Piu by Micheal Maxwell

Mystery Series Book Review 2016

Magical writing – Mystical journey

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is not my usual kind of book. It was recommended by a friend, and frankly, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I’m not a magical, mystical, kind of guy, but what grabbed from the first page was the writing. It is nothing short of brilliant. Like the cover illustration. I found myself floating along on the most magical thing in the book: the prose. There was enough mystery to keep me going, but the language and images painted by Ms. Gubalke made the journey worth while. I will read her work again. I would love to see something more in the here and now, but hey I’m a Robert B Parker fan! lol Great stuff, give it a try, you will be as delighted as I was.

~ By In Search for Melody, Wit & Wisdom

5 Star Review published on on 10 December 2016

Here and Now

“I’d like to see something in the here and now…” writes international bestselling ‘Diamonds & Cole’ author Micheal Maxwell, who ‘. . . was taught the beauty and majesty of the English language by Bob Dylan, Robertson Davies, Charles Dickens and Leonard Cohen.

I love that . . . but:

What’s the HERE and NOW anyway?

Do you know? Do you know for sure? Really?

I’m wondering . . . 

Is your here and now the same as that of someone who’s being evacuated in rebel-held Aleppo in that tragic place called Syria, right now, or that of their perhaps wiser relatives who fearlessly risked their lives to change the circumstances of their here . . . and now live in foreign countries, often neither speaking the language nor knowing the culture? Countries tied into the icy grip of winter now . . . magical for those who have warm homes and see the the falling snow flakes as a romantic backdrop to their glittering Christmas trees . . . bitter perhaps to others who chose a different reality and know that this incredible wealth – something that’s there, right in their eyes, bright and tempting – may just remain that: a ‘fairy tale’. Something they can only dream of?

But then one just never knows – right? The most significant cultures abound with myths, legends and . . . fairy tales. They’re part of us. They teach us something. What and where would we be without them?

But how much does our here and now depend on the place and time of our birth, the environment we were born into, the family, culture, religion, language, myths and legends? And fairy tales?

And how much does this specific here and now not only shape but determine our development, growth, perception and thought? All of which in turn influences our entire species!

Would you be the same individual if your gender, place and time of birth and especially your environment – be it Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist to name just a few – had been different?

You see, I don’t think so. I’m always looking for what remains at the end of the day, the simple common denominator. And this always leads – in one way or another – to FEAR and LOVE!

Most of us agree that there is a Higher Consciousness, an unfathomable creative force that flows through all that is – a plant, a wave, an animal, a stone, and us. And most of us agree that it has direction, that nothing is random or coincidental.

It is no accident that we are who we are right here and now. It was meant to be – and in my story, it’s by choice. Our own choice on our evolutionary path that is. 

I agree with Stephen Hawkins, in his recent article : There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’, that the brain may well be a computer that dies when we die. Yes, our physical form dies. That’s clear enough and just part of the natural cycle of coming and going, the divine ‘Dance Between Worlds’ as I call it in my trilogy.

But here’s where I disagree: We are not our brains! Definitely NOT! Today, our heart is considered by many as the most important organ as far as our body is concerned, and then: Our true essence goes far beyond our brain and physical shape; spiritual Masters and ancient texts do agree on that. Who in the here and now would disagree that true healing goes well beyond what we ‘see’? Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – author of the highly esteemed scientific work “Metamorphosis of Plants” in 1788 – said that there’s more between heaven and earth than meets the eye!  The fact that we don’t ‘see’ that other realm with our eyes doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist! Besides, it’s not even clear what we actually see in the here and now with our normal eyes! Here’s the official explanation from How the eye works:

The lens focuses light through the vitreous humor, a clear gel-like substance that fills the back of the eye and supports the retina. The retina receives the image that the cornea focuses through the eye’s internal lens and transforms this image into electrical impulses that are carried by the optic nerve to the brain.”

Light comes in and transforms . . . and what is light? Energy – not? Do you understand what I mean? This is a wide and wildly interesting field and may be a topic for a future discussion.

Now think about it: Essentially, we’re energy. Everything is energy. Energy does not die. It transforms. We see it in Nature. We see, sense and feel it everywhere. While the perception of an ‘afterlife’ may not resonate with everyone, it does with a huge part of the human species on this planet, and it always has . . . Perhaps, we’ll give it another name one day. From what I understand or sense, there’s no AFTER anyway as everything happens in the NOW and in a parallel way. It doesn’t matter. We know what is meant and where this understanding comes from in a physical world where space (= here) and time (= now) matter.

Let’s wait for the next dimension to unfold within the confinement of our limited understanding . . . 

Yes, I do understand that, for some people, the fear of death triggers and drives a kind of wishful thinking as far as the ‘afterlife’ is concerned, but I believe that the far majority has an inner knowing – not only a belief; it goes much deeper than that – that we, as anything else in life, we come and go. We transform. We change the frequency, the vibration. Another channel of existence, if you will! we shift! There are no limits to our existence. You and I, we are boundless ‘possibility waves’.  And that’s just how it is. Divine and perfect. There’s nothing to fear!

The truth is that – essentially – there’s only ONE choice we have in the here and now: Do we focus on LOVE or do we focus on FEAR? You choose! And remember:

“What You Are The Vibration Of, Appears!”

~ Quote from ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ by Bianca Gubalke



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