The Soul of Man is Immortal

ARTEBY Author Interviews 2016

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu

This Author Interview on Magical Realism and other questions about the brand-new South African novel The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ was conducted by Arteby Publishing (AP) on 17th January, 2016, based on a series of 10 questions. Today, we invite you to listen to the author’s answers to question 6 – and, if you wish, you may follow along on the transcript below. In case you have missed it, here is Author Interview 5.


AP: You wrote this book in 12 chapters, of which the first and the last chapter act as a frame to the story. So we have a story within a story. Today, let’s focus on an that intriguing place – although it’s not a place – that you describe in this frame: the so-called ‘non-local domain’. Without giving the story away, could you explain where we actually are?

BG: I’m delighted to do so. When it comes to books, 12 is my magical number! I knew right away that I’d be writing 12 chapters, although they differ in length. And you are right: the first chapter and the last one form a frame for the story. Whereas Piu Piu’s story plays here on planet earth, these two chapters are set in a different dimension. This dimension is called the ‘non-local domain’. It is also referred to as the nonphysical reality, and it has many other names – like heaven, nirvana, paradise, Zion or Elysium to name some – and it means different things to different people depending on their cultural background and beliefs. Here we refer to it as that unknown realm beyond time and space where spiritual beings come from – and return to after death.

The non-local domain

One of today’s very wise and gifted leaders in the body, mind & soul evolution, Dr. Deepak Chopra, refers to the non-local domain as ‘ . . . the source of all relative expressions. It is a realm of unlimited possibilities, but it has none of those expressed values in it. Therefore it has no time, energy or space in it, yet it is the source of all energy, time and space. The non-local domain does not contain atoms, molecules or subatomic particles, yet it is the domain from which all subatomic particles arise.’

It’s not an easy one to get one’s head around – it’s more accessible through our heart, our intuition, our senses. But let’s talk about the frame and an easy way to look at it:

Imagine your home is in Cape Town and you plan a trip to Berlin. So you start off in your Cape Town home, have your holiday in Berlin, after which you return back home. HOME is the important word here . . . You start off HOME – you go somewhere for a while – and you return back HOME. So your trip to Berlin is actually a story within the story of your normal life at HOME.

Now just think of your life as a journey to planet earth – instead of going to Berlin. You are born and you die – the normal cycle . . . as in Nature: you come and you go. The question now is: where do you come from – before you are born? And where do you go to once you die? We know that we are spiritual beings having a life experience in physical form. We know where the physical form goes – sooner or later – but what happens to that eternal spark of energy that leaves the body when it dies, the soul?

The Soul of Man is Immortal

“The soul of man is immortal” said the Greek philosopher, Plato, back well over 2000 years ago – just to name one as the concept of reincarnation goes back much further than that. There are many concepts as far as the afterlife and reincarnation are concerned; it’s a wide and wildly interesting field. The fact is that there’s an explosive interest in this matter as, right NOW, more than one hundred baby boomers are facing their own mortality – or immortality rather, as I prefer. For many it’s a real wake-up call – as we discussed before. For those readers who haven’t exposed themselves to these concepts yet, the fact is that about one third of the Western world alone believes in the survival of Consciousness after death! Besides there’s been a lot of ground-breaking scientific research into this field over the past 40 to 50 years, especially also through Past Life Regression by pioneers like Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Gary Schwartz and others. And as we discussed before this interview, I qualified as a hypnosis practitioner myself – not only to help heal people from their fears, but as one of the many stepping stones that allow me to have access to higher studies within this field – that was so natural to me as a little girl . . . as it is with most little people – until something happens. I won’t tell you though . . . read the book!

Noone puts it more aptly than Deepak Chopra: ‘Physical death is that period in the non-local (spiritual) domain before the next quantum leap of creativity which takes us to rebirth or reincarnation. And as we wait, cooling our heels, we’re stored as possibility waves.’

Heaven and the Afterlife

I like being a ‘possibility wave’ – but coming back to my story, I’m just the story-teller opening up a doorway for my readers . . . inviting them to imagine . . . even experience . . . what it could be like if that other dimension were true – the dimension some refer to as heaven and the afterlife. I like to refer to it as HOME.

And what it would mean to us and the way we live our lives, if we truly grasped the dimension of our immortality – well, at least a little bit of it! If we understood that we are our own judges – meaning that if we were oppressors in one life, we’d want to experience ‘the other side’ by choosing to be a victim in another.

Wouldn’t we look at one another . . . and care for one another differently, if – deep down – we knew this was true?

Of course, everyone will read and understand this depending on who they are and what they believe. This has little to do with religion, this has to do with the soul, that part of us that is free. Where we as human beings all know one another, where we are both the observer (while in the non-local domain) and the observed (during our lives on earth) – and most importantly, where we are all expressions of ONE.

The Fear of Death and Dying

As my intent in this story – besides entertaining and being informative – is to inspire my readers to lose their fears – and I do real work on that with real people as well – the question I asked myself was: what is our biggest fear?

The answer is the fear of death and dying. Ask anyone out there.

So that’s my topic. And as I believe that we cannot approach this topic through intellectual analysis, I created a story that addresses the child within us before it was hurt and started to hide. It’s a story based on a real story where animals talk and convey complex ideas in an easily acceptable and digestible way.

So if there were nothing to fear – would we still be afraid?
What if we knew that we held ourselves responsible for our actions – how would we live our lives?
What if we knew we could live any life we wanted, would we still envy others for who they are or what they have?
Would we still want to be someone other than we are – a unique and magnificent expression of ONE?
What if we knew that living on the streets fulfills someone’s mission – would we still judge?

From Fear to Freedom

Absorbing and acting upon these thoughts can bring transformation. That’s my sincerest wish – that my story helps readers to turn their fear into faith and freedom. REAL freedom!

And as you know, I’m just the storyteller . . . but I need a glass of water now!

AP: Wow, we covered a lot and time just flies! So let’s move quickly to question 7!

Please stay tuned; the transcript of part 7 of our Arteby Author Interview with Bianca Gubalke on her book in the literary genre ‘Magical or Magic Realism’ will follow soon!