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Top 3 on Kindle Metaphysical

Top 3 Metaphysical Fiction

If you go to and do a search for Kindle Store > eBooks, a staggering… a mindblowing number comes up: 4,135,190 search results – in other words: books! So it was quite a daunting task to setup a 3-day Free Kindle Promotion, especially as it was a completely new experience, and I hesitate when hearing ‘free’, but I’m curious and teachable – so off we went, head, line and sinker!

Of course, the big question was: Where would my book ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ end up?

Top 3 on Kindle Metaphysical

Amazon hasn’t even synchronized all reviews from its different platforms to show under my book details on the main site. That would certainly be a bummer (and it was, as I realized later on…). So I took it all as a big adventure . . . but when I saw how the stats started to spike on day 2 . . . Then passing 200 – remember: it’s the average book sales authors make . . . and then it went on and on and on! Whew! I felt more on the online Formula 1 race track and NOW things became fun! And when I – almost accidentally – discovered the book on rank #3 under > Literature & Fiction > Metaphysical, my jaw dropped to the floor! See the screenshot below:

Free Kindle Promotion March 2016

What’s the size of your platform?

That ain’t that bad! Or is it? OK, it’s nothing. Yet . . .

Well, although there were many lessons learned – you should have seen me getting active even on Twitter! ME tweeting – unheard of! – a lot remains to be learned, improved and implemented. It was just a first step. As most authors, I’d love to just write and dig myself completely into that other world, leaving the marketing to someone else. Although I love to interact with my readers – anytime. But writing and marketing is like wearing two different hats . . .

But the reality today is that whether you’re self-published or traditionally published or both, what counts is the size of your platform, meaning your followers, friends, readers and raving fans. In other words, people who love your work and would buy your books anytime . . . in fact, they’re eagerly waiting for them! That’s nothing you start with, this needs to be carefully planned and patiently built over time. As I said above, interacting with my readers is something I absolutely love and do regularly through my monthly newsletter and occasional updates inbetween. You’re welcome to join my Newsletter – see the link below or in the navigation menu.


But for now, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me on this journey! Especially also my Facebook Friends! I promise . . . I guarantee! – it won’t be the last time!