Top Performance for Semiomantics

Top Performance for Semiomantics

With so many things happening in terms of website development and design, it’s time to monitor the top performance of Semiomantics.

Top Performance for Semiomantics 2012 by Bianca Gubalke



Top Performance for Semiomantics

A few hours earlier, I published a little article on “How to create an A5 folded Postcard” and just remembered to quickly check whether the Top Performance of Semiomantics Scripts are still spoton – and lo and behold and see it yourself on the screenshot below: Google Number 1 – what else! WOW! And due to so many committments and a lot of writing for print this year – and this continues – I could take less time to publish online.

But WordPress based Semiomantics Scripts keep their promise, are continuously checked and updated – soooo good to know!

WordPress based Semiomantics Scripts recommended by Bianca Gubalke


How to create a Landscape Format Folded Postcard

Just to complete the Postcard creation exercises at this year’s final Ycademy Seminar December 2012, I herewith also publish my horizontally oriented folded postcard! So from my previous article you can very easily deduct and copy how to create a Landscape Format folded Postcard and surprise your family and friends with a beautiful close and personal Christmas Postcard – how about that?

Landscape format folded A5 Postcard by Bianca Gubalke

I’m not yet in that kind of mood… so I took a picture from one of our guineafowl families with some of their youngsters here in my garden, in the golden evening light. The lady scratched me nicely today when she thought she’d move into my studio but couldn’t cope with glass. So I had to catch her and bring her back out, where her partner was running frantically up and down. Once released, she was so clever as to not follow him but shoot off into the drainage, where it wasn’t really easy to get her out. After that they were finally reunited and have an adventure to tell when they sit high up in the pine tree under the soft light of a hardly visible moon.