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Have We Lived Before? This modern fairy tale explores the mystery of our connectedness – here and in the ethereal world.

Born with Wings, yet, ironically, unable to fly and feeling abandoned, the heroine of this story transforms her life in her burning quest to belong.

NOORDHOEK, SOUTH AFRICA, August, 2017 – Have we lived before? We all know about the surge of interest in life after death as over 100 million baby boomers begin to face their own mortality. All this is reflected in popular movies and television shows, as well as trailblazing programs on YouTube and TED.

’BORN WITH WINGS’ (Gatekeeper Press, ISBN: 978-0-620-71491-4, $16.95) is a visionary fiction novel about Anata’s journey in her quest to belong, that mixes magical realism and the natural world in an unforgettable adventure time for the soul.

Set in the mystical landscape of the Western Cape coast of South Africa, the touching, hilarious, and wildly romantic human-animal bonds awaken a sense of guardianship for the Earth that will leave you inspired and longing for more.

About the Author:

Born in Namibia, the award-winning European screenwriter and artist grew up with a fascination for wildlife, spiritual healing and art, which she expressed in all her creative work. She currently lives in Noordhoek, South Africa, and works on her next book.

“We all were born with wings,” she says, “but do we remember to fly?” 

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