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“A modern fairy tale for baby boomers and animal lovers that reveals our eternal connectedness – here and in the ethereal world. “

NOORDHOEK, SOUTH AFRICA, June 11, 2017 – We all know about the surge of interest in the survival of consciousness after death as over 100 million baby boomers begin to face their own mortality. All this is reflected in popular movies and television shows such as Afterlife TV and Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday, as well as trailblazing programs on YouTube and TED that are watched all over the world.

This is where the fiction novel ‘BORN WITH WINGS’ comes in: Born with wings yet, ironically, unable to fly and feeling abandoned by loved ones, the heroine of this story transforms her life when faith overcomes fear and she takes flight to fulfill her destiny. Set in the wild and magical Western Cape coast of South Africa, this novel blends mysticism and the natural world in an unforgettable adventure for the soul.

“Each life is a leap of faith. You leave ‘home’ and you venture into the Unknown. And while you discover a world brimming with darkness and light that seems to toss you around, you realize who you are,” the author, a meditation practitioner since over thirty years, wrote. “This is your chance to realize your own true greatness and turn fear into faith . . . and freedom. Real freedom!”

In her introductory ‘Note to the Reader’, Bianca Gubalke explains how the dance of life and death appeared natural to her as a little girl, but – as most of us – she was soon conditioned to forget who she truly was. “We all have wings,” she says, “but do we remember to fly?” In her very own unique way, Piu Piu (pronounced pew-pew) reminds us that we all carry a deeper knowing of the Divine presence within us. It connects us, no matter who or what we are. Once we become truly aware of it, and let it guide us, the boundaries between the visible and the invisible world fade away, and magic happens . . . 

“What you are the vibration of, appears; the rest remains invisible to you.”


About the Book:

‘BORN WITH WINGS – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ is BOOK 1 in the fiction series ‘Dance Between Worlds’ (Arteby Publishing, June 2, 2017). The paperback is available on for U$16,95 (ISBN 978-0620714914) and all international branches. It can also be ordered in any bookstore via the large retailers like Ingram and Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, and others.

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The eBook is available on Amazon Kindle for U$3.99 (ISBN 978-0-620-71492-1). Watch for promos in Jume!

The AudioBook version is also available on Amazon (, iTunes, and many other platforms.

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Review copies and Interviews:

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”Mystery, Magic, Mastery – What You Are The Vibration Of, Appears!”


About the Author:

Author Bianca GubalkeBorn in Namibia, and growing up with a fascination for wildlife, spiritual healing and art, Bianca Gubalke has always been in touch with the invisible world, expressing her visions in images and words. Her first poem was published when she was twelve. An advanced degree in Germany and France led to over twenty exciting years as independent filmmaker and screenplay writer in Europe.

Today, the award-winning storyteller and screenplay writer, certified translator and metaphysics student lives in South Africa again, surrounded by Nature and her cherished animal world. She co-authored a number of educational books for a German publisher and currently works on Book 2 for the fiction series ‘Dance Between Worlds’.

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