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An excellent debut novel!

A magical journey where the enigma of Life and Death are explored.

~ Dr. Inga Karetnikova, USA ~
Critic, Film Historian, Film Writing Consultant, Author of
“How Scripts Are Made” ,
“Seven Master pieces of 1940s Cinema” ,
“Mexico According To Eisenstein” 

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A new Consciousness in Readers

Bianca Gubalke tells a story that will awaken a new consciousness in readers, a story that unveils the face of life and allows readers to ask questions about where they come from and what destiny holds for them.
The writing is crisp, somewhat evocative, laced with powerful images and symbolism. The author challenges readers to look past appearances, to learn to pay attention to the life surging within and around them, and to get a glimpse of a world beyond the physical.
I enjoyed the unpredictability in plot development, the pacing, the wonderful character development and the vivid setting. Born with Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is an inspiring story that will test the way we see life, ourselves, and the world around us.

This novel is a great success on many levels.

~ By Divine Zape
(5 Star Review on Barnes & Noble)
November 2017 

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Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A Divine Comedy

Fascinating, intuitive and daring, ‘Born with Wings’ by Bianca Gubalke is a ‘Divine Comedy’ leading us into the mysteries and magic of true spirituality.

A book filed with light!

I highly enjoyed and happily recommend.

Now eagerly waiting for the author’s next book in the ‘Dance Between Worlds’ series.

~ By Zo Nicholas
(5 Star Review on
30 November 2017 


Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A brilliant 5 Star novel destined to
the Silver Screen as a
Classic Literary Creation

Bianca Gubalke, the author, is a fascinating person with intense interests in nature and philosophy, as well as theology, and a deep understanding of what is termed ‘Magic Realism’.

With “BORN WITH WINGS – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu” Bianca set out to write a story about nature and the natural world, revolving around the life of the main protagonist, an Egyptian ‘Anatidae’ gosling, that was found by a little girl named Pippa, and her tomcat, in a luscious garden in South Africa. They named the gosling ‘Piu Piu’. As their journey together begins, it takes the reader into a magical realm where the interconnectedness of life, death and rebirth are explored.

The beautiful cover is attractively designed to reflect the mystical treat awaiting the reader within the pages of this book. No errors of omission or commission were observed; spelling and grammar are excellent. The formatting of the book is excellent and enhanced by a generous photo-companion that highlights the meanings of particular passages.

The depth of the writing, and its power, are evident. The reader feels a strong element of spirituality and realism running like a vibrant thread through the tale, carrying him or her to new dimensions where reality seamlessly merges into metaphysics and an alternative magical reality. Even a die-hard skeptic like me, with no belief in the abstruse concept of an afterlife, was compelled to reconsider my beliefs and reserve judgement about the purpose of the very existence of every living being. This book will cause every reader to reflect on whether life is just a spontaneous spark in the canvas of time, giving life to inert molecules comprising matter, or has the spark of life been ignited as part of a celestial plan to give meaning and experience to existence as a whole? Bianca knows!

The story of Pippa and the ‘Immortal Piu Piu’ – who were one with the universe even before they were born – is stunningly riveting. Piu Piu was born to experience a life of her own choice – a life where she could explore the primeval flavor of the universe as it expands into the consciousness that pervades even the beings we do not associate with the power of expression or understanding. Pippa’s intriguing relationship with the tomcat, the death of a hen killed by a mongoose, Pippa’s song as sung by her mother in keeping with the ancient culture of the land, as well as little Piu Piu’s growth into a radiant goose sheltered by her new family, are exhilarating and mind-blowing events in this tale. An undercurrent of mysticism runs through the story, touching hitherto unfathomed chords of a kind of magical consciousness in the minds of the reader. Questions like ‘Are we really what we are?’ and ‘Does my life really have a purpose other than living it to its inevitable end?’ whirl through one’s mind. Each event seamlessly merges with the next, adding new dimensions of philosophical reflection that continue to expand the reader’s consciousness by leaps and bounds.

A quote from the book I particularly liked because it added new meaning to the very purpose of creation, was: “Nothing could stop life from breaking barriers on its mission to create, to expand and to thrive”.

Avoiding any spoilers, I award this beautiful and heart-touching literary creation a resounding 5 Stars, and will look forward to this sparkling author’s next book! 

~ By Deepak Menon 
(5 Star Review on
6 June 2017 

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Life is a desire, not a meaning!
~ Charlie Chaplin

The story opens in the spiritual realm, with Anata conferring with an Elder about her next life incarnation. The rules of the game of life are laid out: Anata is free to choose roles, relationships and life scenarios that she finds most suitable for her “advancement”. The memory of who she truly is will disappear, and she will be tempted to forget her purpose, tempted by fear and pretense, tempted to forget her true home.
An adventurous soul, her next earthly life begins as a gosling that literally falls from the sky at the feet of a young African girl called Pippa, who adopts the little orphan and calls her Piu Piu. Together they undergo a journey of awakening and self-discovery, made magical with the help of vibrant and talkative creatures–until Piu Piu clashes with a deadly arch enemy, who vows to eat her before her third birthday. And so the game of life changes and Piu Piu becomes much more challenged by the world around her; as everything changes, she must regain, in greater measure of understanding, the essential spirit of her existence.
Set in the lush, natural beauty of South Africa, this story deals with metaphysical ideas and spiritual possibilities that lie beyond appearances. Poignant, funny, and beautifully written, it will delight the child within adults, and younger audiences, too, who yearn to explore the greater mysteries of a multidimensional universe.

~ By Robin Gregory, 
Award-winning Author of
‘The Improbable Wonders of
Moojie Littleman

(5 Star Review on – 20.11.2016 

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A modern fairy tale for baby boomers!

If you liked Jonathan Livingston Seagull, you will love the immortal Piu Piu!

~ Ulrich Golembusch, Germany ~
International Business Consultant

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu

I have always loved and continue to love and appreciate nature. Your wonderful book has opened my eyes and my mind wider than ever before. We need to understand and respect the living world. Yes, we have a duty to care for all beings but let them lead their own lives… allow them to be what they are and not what we want them to be…let them be free and hold on to their individuality and dignity. 

In silent observation, I actually partici- pated in the story, enwrapped in your literary talented gift of heartfelt passion and emotion. The concept of immortality and re-incarnation, which you have beautifully incorporated into the novel, is uplifting, serene, sensitive and com-forting. I felt sad to come to the end and could have continued reading with ever-growing excitement and interest! 

Looking forward to your new work and the further adventures of Piu Piu!

~ By Violette de Gaulle – Author & Poet
4 February 2017

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

The Magic of Many Lifetimes

Some books come very close to being holy writ, sacred in their reach, profound in their wisdom, delightful in their humor, well-anchored in the world as we know it, fueled by the worlds we yearn for. This is such a book, with wonderful storytelling as well. You’ll meet Pippa, the girl who loves nature and thirsts for knowledge. You’ll meet Piu Piu, the who takes the plunge into a brief flirtation with our temporal life and thirsts for freedom. Look closely: behind the magic, you’ll probably meet yourself. Highly recommended and magical.

~ By M.R.Campbell (5 Star Review published on – 25 November 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Magical Writing – Mystical Journey

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is not my usual kind of book. It was recommended by a friend, and frankly, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I’m not a magical, mystical, kind of guy, but what grabbed from the first page was the writing. It is nothing short of brilliant. Like the cover illustration. I found myself floating along on the most magical thing in the book: the prose. There was enough mystery to keep me going, but the language and images painted by Ms. Gubalke made the journey worth while. I will read her work again. I would love to see something more in the here and now, but hey, I’m a Robert B Parker fan! lol

Great stuff, give it a try, you will be as delighted as I was.

~ By In Search for Melody, Wit & Wisdom (5 Star Review published on
10 December 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu


Adding More Light To The World

A truly magical and enchanting ‘fairy tale’ – taking the ‘ordinary’ and making it quite ‘extraordinary!’ The adventures, heartaches, surprises and unquestionable love take us on a journey of greater awakening to our inner heart connection with all life on our beloved earth! It is a precious book – brilliantly conceived and lovingly given to the world to add more Light. Thank you Bianca.

~ By Anthea (5 Star Review published on – 9 October 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu


I love the way this woman writes. Very descriptive and one of the most unique stories I have ever read. You must if you want something deeper.

~ By Karen Moore (5 Star Review published on – 27 April 2017

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Ein wunderschoenes Buch

Ein Buch, das es wert ist, gelesen zu werden. Eine sehr einfühlsame Geschichte über Leben und Tod. Ein “must read”. Wunderschöne Sprache.

~ By michael  (5 Star Review on – 19 January 2017

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

I am in no hurry because I wish to enjoy the trip

I am writing this review now, even though I am only halfway through the story. I am in no hurry because I wish to enjoy the trip. Here we have a fantasy world populated, not with talking animals, but with some personalities that happen to be animals.

The environmental descriptions are exceptional. The author has a real talent in this area. I know something serious looms later in the story, but I’m in no hurry to get there. I recommend this book without reservations.

I would like to know how to pronounce Piu Piu?

~ By Maurice Barkley
Author of ‘Lost and Forgotten’
(5 Star Review on  

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A very special book!

Bianca Gubalke’s touching novel will not only excite nature and animal lovers but all readers with a feel for the extraordinary. Utterly original, beautifully written, always surprising – a very special book I highly recommend!

~ By Christoph G. (5 Star Review published on 
9 March 2016


Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Intriguing and beautiful!

This is a very intriguing story… poetic prose and filled with meaning. If you like fantasy you will LOVE this book!

~ By KatieCA (5 Star Review published on
23 January 2017

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A delightful allegory

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is a delightful allegory bringing out the multi-dimensional divine being in all of us, currently living a lifetime in a human body. It hints at the truth of our true selves, in a story filled with delightful descriptions of places in South Africa. The writing is very descriptive, and the loving and playful interaction of the animals and the young girl are all giving us a look into the reality of us, and the illusion of the human life. The relationship between them brings many heart-warming moments in the narrative. It truly makes one think.

~ By dottiezim (4 Star Review published on
15 December 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Mystical journey, endearing!

“I went up into the mountains
Waiting under the stars
Long before you were born
Long before you were in my womb
You were just a wish in my heart
An idea in my mind
A memory of what should be, I had.

On a night like this
In a state of bliss
I drank from the sacred source
Through time shifting
A dream was drifting
To meet with destiny’s course.

It imbued me
A light of magic Blue
Recalling a distant melody
Water running through my fingers
Knowing you.”

This is the magic of Bianca Gubalke’s ‘The Immortal Life of PiuPiu’, a gosling Egyptian goose in South Africa. Beautiful prose flows through every page, with the daunting lilt and inspiration of Johnathon Livingston Seagull. Ms. Gubalke paints a canvas with words so enticing that no one can doubt that all she sees is beautiful. Her work is enchanting and ripe with descriptions that defy the imagination. Through it all, we follow the path of PiuPiu, the gosling Pippa raised.

This is a book about love, life’s circle and never ending hope.

~ By Rose Sefton, Author of
‘The Confederette’
(5 Star Review on
11 October 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

The Lightness of Being

Some books entertain, some amuse, some delight, and some teach. Bianca Gubalke, in her magical book The Immortal Life of Piu Piu, does it all. Read it, and accompany her fascinating characters into their world: one that is real, tangible, and unexpectedly familiar, but which our limited senses make it difficult for us to enter. Piu Piu helps us overcome those limitations.

Bianca’s writing is beautiful, at times poetic, making it a pleasure to set aside our cynicism and enter, with ease, that other world.

The landscape setting is spectacular and filled with creatures, ignored in our busy lives, but which, once we have read this book, we are sure to notice more intently. Never again will I ignore the myriad life around me.

Perhaps more than anything else, Piu Piu takes the fear out of life and shows us the lightness of Being – if we choose to embrace it. A perfect read for the young at heart of all ages!

~ By Gene Line (5 Star Review published on
17 May 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Title lives up to expectations!

My initial interest in reading this delightful book was primarily triggered by the story’s setting in that beautiful part of the world I know so well and call my second home. And I was not disappointed: the author’s lovingly-detailed description of animals and their surroundings mirror her acute awareness of nature in all its facets, both wonderful and terrifying. But then the book proved to be so much more. Reality cleverly expands into a magical world that had me fascinated and wanting to know more. This is certainly not a a quick read or pageturner but definitely something to be savoured and enjoyed in the quieter moments of contemplation.

~ By bobby (5-Star Review published on ~
25 October 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Reading the book:

Bianca Gubalke gave herself an unsurpassable task – to break the wall, separating the visible and the invisible worlds. She seems to accomplish it in her own very unique way.

~ Leon Steinmetz, USA ~
Fine Artist, Author, Professor

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is an unforgettable adventure of  self-discovery, spiritual awakening,  and personal transformation that will leave you longing for more. If you liked Jonathan Livingston Seagull,  you’ll love Piu Piu!

~ Delia O’Riordan, Canada ~
Author, Teacher, Consultant

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Reading the book:

Ich bin begeistert von deiner Poesie, und ich fühle mich oft ‘ver – rückt’ nach Südafrika. Viele Bilder erscheinen vor mir. Als Mitglied der Botanical Society war Kirstenbosch immer einer meiner bevorzugten Lieblingsgärten, wo ich die Zeit vergessen konnte. Leider bleibt nur noch die Hälfte des Buches. Ich muss es langsam geniessen, weil ich gar nicht zum Ende kommen will. Bestimmt wird das eines meiner Bücher sein, die ich wieder und noch einmal lesen werde.

~ Elisabeth Zummach ~
Civitavecchia, Rome – Italy

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A courageous perspective

Nothing short of astonishing! A courageous perspective on what 
we humans fear most and how it is overcome. An absorbing work of Art.

~ Janusz Hajduk, South Africa ~
Artist, Designer, Teacher

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Mesmerizing narrative.
Engaging characters and very touching human-animal bonds that awaken a sense of care and guardianship for the Earth.

Cajus-Verlag, Germany ~
Author and Publisher

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

You really have the gift of writing in a way that puts the reader right in that place and space. I really felt like I was in Noordhoek. The plants, the sounds, the fire and then the end of Piu Piu’s life on earth as an Egyptian Goose. Wow, even though her end as a goose was gruesome and bloody, it all turned out well.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read your book!


By Jennifer Botha, South Africa

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

The cover already intrigued me; then the story pulled me in in a snap. Couldn’t put the book down anymore! Nothing is predictable! Won’t say more. Just this: it’s a beautiful story about how to turn one’s fear into freedom – REAL freedom. That’s the MAGIC of it.

I immediately got another book as a gift for a friend, and now my daughter is reading the book . . .

By Maria Alejandra Neri (5 Star Review published on

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

What a treat it was to read Piu Piu! It was my first exposure to the magical realism genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey between the seen and the unseen worlds. Magical entertainment from beginning to end!

Thank you for an excellent, well written and insightful portrayal of the interaction between realms and making the concept of “life after death” so accessible to all.

~ Esme Solomon – South Africa~
Accountant and teacher

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Dieses Buch beschreibt alle Phantasien, die ich schon immer in mir trug, aber nie zum Ausdruck bringen konnte, mit einer Klarheit als wäre alles Mystische die selbstverständlichste Sache der Welt. Es gab mir eine innere Sicherheit, wie ich sie noch nie empfunden habe. Ich bin mir jetzt sicher, auf dem richtigen Weg zu sein. Und ich bin mir fortan sicher, auf diesem Weg gestärkt bis zum Ende gehen zu können.

~ By Amazon Kunde (5 Star Review published on

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

I LOVED how this story captured my imagination right from the start and carried me away to a place full of magic and wonder, laughter and tears, and, sometimes, breathless suspense.

I fell in love with the characters so much I didn’t want it to end! Again and again, the unexpected happened and kept sweeping me off my feet …

Witty. Poetic. Beautifully written. A special treat I’ll come back to time and again . . .

~ By Majka (5 Star Review published on

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

I really loved the first chapter of this book, it had me hooked and reading. The rest of the book was like a roller coaster ride: just when you are catching your breath you are whisked upwards for a breathtaking ride.

Thoroughly enjoyed . . . and kept asking myself’ how much is real and how much is fantasy? The answer really does not matter. Some of us go through a lifetime without taking the time to stop and hug a cat, tree or dog; I can see the author of this delightful story is not one of those persons.

~ By Enos Anderson (5 Star Review published on
18 February 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

Brilliantly written, multi layer story which will make you happy, joyous, sad, thrilled and excited. It seamlessly plots the stories between the enchanted world of subtropical South Africa and the magical world of spiritual experience. From the start you will be immersed deep into the action as an eye witness of the events. There is even more . . . but I do not want to spoil the surprise.

It is must have in your library, so get it today and fall in love with PIU PIU

~ By Leszek Kudla (5 Star Review published on
16 February 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

A lovely and interesting read that I recommend! I am looking forward to the follow up book.

~ By Jess Miller (5 Star Review published on

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu

This book gave me a deeper meaning of our life, and the connection to all the hidden powers or paths that support us. It helped me to understand the twists and turns of it. Life is a lesson to be learned …!

~ By Besma (5 Star Review published on
10 January 2016

Reviews for Life of Piu Piu