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Author Interviews 2017 by Bianca Gubalke

Healing the Eternal Soul

In a world of no direction and sky-rocketing chaos, more and more people feel inclined to stop searching their ultimate happiness and speedy gratification in perceived external values that – sooner or later – always lead to some sort of boundary and frustration.  Often triggered by something negative happening in their lives – maybe a sudden accident, an addiction or an illness that no one seems to be able to cure, an inexplicable pain or phobia that just doesn’t seem to make sense but that, nevertheless, won’t go away, or a relentless pattern of pain and loss that seems to be repeating itself in their relationships – they turn inside and try to find a bigger picture for their lives and, hidden within it, another way. A way where they can crash through their physical limitations and explore a space of trust and healing that lies beyond time and space . . . even beyond ‘the veil’.


Highly recommended for PLR Students

For anyone interested in metaphysical studies in general, and PLR (Past Life Regression) in particular, Andy Tomlinson’s non-fiction book Healing the Eternal Soul”  is simply a must.

Starting out, it tells the fascinating story of how the author got onto his path and has followed it ever since. A collection of highly interesting case studies offer significant insights into how our ‘past’ affects our ‘present’, bearing in mind that ‘time’ only happens in the physical realm. When an illness or inexplicable fear can simply not be cured by our current ‘traditional’ methods, PLR offers a way to travel into a ‘past life’, right through the death experience, find the source that triggered the problem in that life, and heal the ensuing, unresolved, problem in the Now.

Based on his vast experience, the author not only shares a lot of knowledge but also offers wonderful assistance as far as the working with patients is concerned. Highly recommended for PLR students and anyone really interested in the subject matter. I am looking forward to reading Andy Tomlinson’s Exploring the Eternal Soul.”



Past Life Regression

A way to explore this is Past Life Regression, dating back as far as the Upanishads in Ancient Indian literature, and pioneered in our more modern times by well-regarded academics in the medical field like psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, and the founder of the Newton Institute, Dr. Michael Newton, to name a few who are also known in their capacities as teachers and trainers. Based on these giants, a newer generation of specialists has evolved, one being the psychotherapist Andy Tomlinson, the founder member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, Norsk forbund for Regresjonsterapi in Scandinavia, the Society for Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy, and the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

I personally have a story to tell one day, dating back to times when I hadn’t even heard of ‘past life regression’, NDE’s or OBE’s – but my ongoing studies in this fascinating field clarify my own experience and put it into context. This has nothing to do with ‘religion’ or any cultural beliefs. It works its magic whether we ‘believe’ in it or not.

However, be warned! This journey into the deeper folds of your consciousness is not to be treated lightly; it can cast you into dramatic situations – such as in a life before this life… and not one you specifically enjoyed and where you may have died under traumatic circumstances . . . the memories of which may still be embedded in your current life and manifest themselves in forms of pain or phobias – situations, that are difficult to handle if you are alone and don’t know what or who you are dealing with. On the other hand, under the knowledgable care and guidance of an experienced professional past life regression therapist the insights can be mind-blowing, revelatory and life-changing, and the healing can be instant. 

Born with Wings

If you are interested in the subject matter, you find the links to some of the most eminent teachers and trainers – and practitioners above – (although Dr. Newton is retired now…).

If you’d like to get the feel for it in a metaphysical fiction novel that gently guides you on a healing journey to find the key to YOUR eternal soul, you might consider my book: BORN WITH WINGS – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu. The brand-new edition was just released and is already available as an ebook on Amazon. The print edition will soon be available for worldwide distribution.

You were born with wings – now learn to fly and join the ‘Dance between Worlds’! 

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