The Afterlife Revolution Book Review

Author Book Review by Bianca Gubalke

Book Review by Bianca Gubalke

Introduction to ‘The Afterlife Revolution’

“Is life after death real? Is there a greater reality beyond our five senses? Can we personally know, for sure, whether our loved ones’ consciousness continues after physical death? And can we grow into this emerging knowledge and wisdom as individuals and a species?”

Without giving anything away, these are the questions asked in the introduction to ‘The Afterlife Revolution’ by Anne and Whitley Strieber. The thought-provocing story that follows is about the evidence: will it emerge or will it not? How ‘scientific’ is it? And, most importantly, can we as readers believe it or can we not?

I assume that only readers with an interest in the subject matter will feel attracted to this book. Unless . . . unless their intuition directs them towards it . . . or some so-called weird ‘coincidence’! But then . . . can events be “…too coincidental to be a coincidence…?” as Yogi Berra put it or, as Albert Einstein said: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” ?

The latter quote always puts a smile on my face, and I remember the story about the man who knew it all often waking his landlord as he continuously forgot his keys!

The Day After Tomorrow

Personally, I only heard about bestselling author Whitley Strieber after watching the science fiction movie “The Day After Tomorrow” . The film about a catastrophic super-storm in the US,  featuring nightmarish special effects, was a 20th Century Fox production, written & directed by Roland Emmerich, based on Strieber’s book. Although I had my own ‘close encounters’ of some kind in the late 70’s in France, I was not interested in alien, vampire and werewolf stories that led to violent movies like ‘Wolfen’  (1981), ‘The Hunger’ (1983), and Strieber’s personal alien abduction story ‘Communion’ (1989).

When a friend and close follower of Anne and Whitley Strieber’s oeuvre gave me his latest book, ‘The Afterlife Revolution’, as a gift for my recent birthday, stating that there were some interesting parallels and concepts to my magical realism novel ‘Born with Wings – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’, I was obviously intrigued. As a student of Past Life Regression with a number of life experiences since I was a child that clearly show that, as Hamlet says: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” , the title alone piqued my interest.

I did read this book. From the beginning to the end.

The Afterlife Revolution

Objective love is craftsmanship, not sentiment.

Essentially, ‘The Afterlife Revolution’ is a very touching story of love, awareness and continuity. The first part is essentially focusing on the depth of love the Striebers feel – not felt – for one another. It takes courage to let this very emotional, romantic, physical love come to life in the way Whitley Strieber did.

“Objective love is craftsmanship, not sentiment.” – Anne Strieber

It is a love readers can resonate with and understand on a conscious level. It goes much deeper, however, and it’s within that space of complete trust – and Oneness – and based on their vast experience with, and thorough research about,  aliens – after all, Professor Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, from the University of Arizona, wrote the foreword – that a profound decision between them as a couple is reached before Anne Strieber dies from cancer: That she would proove to her husband – and the world – in unrefutable ways, that she still exists and is able to communicate from behind the veil.

“Mankind is a species divided, not so much between the sexes but between the living and what are called the dead. It isn’t natural and it isn’t necessary. We can become whole.”  Anne Strieber

It’s not the first time I’m tempted to think that we are currently living on a planet of anything but ‘free choice’, but of brutal conditioning (yes, of our own making maybe…) . . . whereas a ‘beyond’ of true ‘free choice’ and incredible opportunity for development without chains, still lies ahead for all of us. To get there, however, there’s a catch! We’ve got to learn. We’ve got to change, as:

“Enlightenment is what happens when there is nothing left of us but love.”  – Anne Strieber

I’d love to dive into more, but I won’t! You need to read the book yourself. A gem is waiting for you at the end, a Short Story by Anne Strieber. I’m sure Coe and Madmax are great friends, both descendants of the Big Cats!

Magical Realism

One last thought. There is so much discussion about what ‘Magical Realism’ is or what it is not. When Magic Realism authority and award-winning poet Zoe Brooks from the UK asked me in her  Zoe Brooks Interview with Bianca Gubalke, I said that “I cannot imagine a reality without magic” .

I found that the following quote resonated perfectly with just that:

“It is that fear of chaos – the mind unmoored – that drives all of the denial that curtains off reality. We live in the world as it appears, not as it is. In other words, we live by assumptions. We cling to them, desperate not to fall into the reality of mysteries and questions in which we actually live.”  Whitley Strieber

Well, I love falling into the reality of mysteries!

Allow yourself to do just that when you read ‘The Afterlife Revolution’! It just seems a much better Day After Tomorrow 🙂