Flowering gums

Flower Photography by Bianca Gubalke

Beautiful Noordhoek

Each year around Christmas and New Year (the South African summer), massive flowering gums are exploding in magnificent colours of reds, oranges, pinks and whites in Noordhoek, South Africa. Our idyllic valley between the mountains of the Silvermine Nature Reserve – including Chapman’s Peak – and the Atlantic Ocean wouldn’t be the same without them! We’re blessed with a number of breathtaking specimen in our garden, as you can see below. It even seems to me that they’ve never been as stunning as this year, meaning after the worst drought we’ve ever seen down here. And it’s not over; we need much more rain . . .

Landscape Photography by Bianca Gubalke


Red and White Flowering Gums

As so many of our trees in South Africa, the Red Flowering Gum (Corymbia ficifolia, its leaves resembling the ficus genus ) comes originally from Australia and forms part of the Eucalyptus family. It doesn’t grow that tall – only to about 10 metres – in shades from crimson to orange, while the White or Pink Flowering gum (Corymbia  calophylla) – as you see on my photos  – can become a whopping 50 metres tall!

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