Happy Easter 2017

Happy Easter 2017 from Bianca Gubalke

New Beginnings

Easter has always been my favourite feast! In those delightful childhood days in Namibia (South Africa) it was the time when the first rains had arrived – eagerly-awaited – covering the scorched desert sand with a carpet of bright yellow ‘morning stars’, literally overnight, and triggering a symphony of new green leaves sprouting on camelthorn bushes and acacias. A sense of awakening was in the air that raised the earth’s vibrations including everyone, big or small, who dwelled upon her! A new beginning!

“What you are the vibration of, appears.”

~ Quote from ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’

What fascinated me most was the magic of new animal life that manifested itself within the sudden abundance. Those tiny new-born antelopes hopping to their feet to follow their moms – springbok, wildebeest and kudu – when we kids roamed through the bush to find what the Easter Bunny had hidden for us! But – already then, and that was the secret – it was much more about what we’d discover along the way than what we actually found in the end . . . if we found it at all! Sometimes, the chocolate egg had melted in the glazing sun and had become a welcome alternative to seeds for a whole colony of large marching ants. We never meddled with those. Or it had been discovered and pinched by a clever baboon who smiled at us from high up in a thorny tree, eyes glittering with an air of superiority, and pieces of silver wrappings sailing down. Which we duly collected and carried home like trophies of a new funny story to tell. Sometimes, we found the remains of the Easter Feast a year later . . . or two . . . or we never found it at all!

Dance Between Worlds

As with all beginnings, it’s the path itself that matters much more than the goal. And as we dance between worlds, each new beginning reminds us to hold on a moment, to breathe, and then to let go and abandon the chaos outside . . . to turn within. This is not about escapism, not at all, it’s about choice!  Our free choice, that is. Our choice to look past the illusion and see with our heart. Isn’t it time to – consciously – open ourselves to the Light we all carry within, no matter who we are or where we find ourselves on our journey? No better time than now to trust our divine intuition, to follow the inner guidance that is always present within a sacred space we all share!

“Spread your wings and fly, no matter what others say!”

~ Quote from ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’

Soaring on the wings of our communion with Nature and All that is, let’s share our LIGHT, our GRATITUDE, our JOY and our LAUGHTER with the world!

Just as I do with YOU! HAPPY EASTER 2017!