Little bat-eared fox

'Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened' - Anatole France

Do Animals Have A Soul?

As I was born in Namibia and spent a lot of my time on the farm or in the Etosha Game Reserve – my absolute favorite place on earth to this day – all my work has always been intrinisically connected with the beauty, wisdom and magic of the natural world.

This won’t change – and as I’m tackling a new writing project, it’s time for one of my “Do animals have a soul?” –cards to remind YOU to hug your furry friend and never forget that we are all interconnected. Here, in SOuth Africa, we call it UbuntuI am because you are. One won’t thrive without the other – what affects one, affects the other.

According to Albert Einstein we wouldn’t last beyond 5 years if the busy honey bee would vanish from the planet . . . A reason why we keep hives for happy wild bees that simply enjoy life and do what they were meant to do. And if one loses its way or drops from exhaustion during a cold winter day, I just take it on my hand and carry it home – they sense the intention.

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And as to the little bat-eared fox – I just loved that moment when he emerged from his den, still dreaming, almost surprised to see the sun!

Born with Wings

I didn’t include bat-eared foxes in my magical realism novel “Born with Wings – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu”, but there’s a whole chapter on the Mantis and the Bees . . . If you are fond of Nature and its mystery, if you want to delve right into it, in this world and beyond, this may be for you! And I’d love to hear from YOU!

Readers Favorite 5 Stars - Born With Wings - A novel