Butterfly Orchid Tree

Flowers in Bianca's Garden in South Africa

Bauhinia purpurea (Fabaceae)

Despite the extreme drought in Noordhoek, South Africa, our magnificent purple butterfly orchid tree rewarded us for the tender loving care it receives with a first stunning flower in 2018 today!

I guess . . . she actually opened her blossom yesterday for International Women’s Day 🙂

The tree is well over 6 metres high and can grow up to 10 metres. The thick leaves are divided into two lobes, about 10 cm long, which gives them the ‘butterfly look’. These trees are beautiful specimen in any garden and I’m extremely grateful that it survived so far. As our really burning hot days are over and we hopefully get our winter rains rather sooner than later (normally in June/July), I hope the worst of our 50 litres a day per person ordeal is over. It can only get better – but what really saved this tree is a thick, fat, natural mulch.